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Moving House!

16 Aug

This is a little off topic, but we’re moving house on Saturday. At age 30 this will be my 19th move which means, on average, that I have moved house every 1 1/2 years since I was born……crazy much?!

Originally we were going to move because of my hopeful return to university, as we currently live in a fairly expensive part of town, but we weren’t going to even consider it until we knew where I would be going, which probably won’t be until January. However we received our notice to vacate recently so the decision was made for us. To be honest, NB: Actually, just a side note here, I really dislike that expression, “To be honest….” because it kind of implies that most of the time you are less than 100% honest when you do not preface your sentences!!  So apologies for my use here ;D, I’ve loved the area where we’ve been living (the beach is just at the end of the road and we are pretty much right in the heart of the city). But our landlord is a difficult piece of work and I’ve never felt truly at home here primarily because when we picked up our keys a year ago from the agent and made our first trip to see it on our own, always a favourite time of mine, she was in the house painting!!! She lives by her own rules, she is a little (or a lot) mad, and I won’t miss that at all.

To a certain degree, I actually love moving house. (Which you can probably tell being that this is my 19th move!!) The excitement, the planning, the setting up and the design of your new home, and the fun of getting to know a new area. The bit I don’t like at all are the practicalities of moving. For example, sitting on hold for 20 mins waiting for your electricity company to tell you that even though you’ve been a customer for 4 years, there will still be a disconnection and reconnection fee :/ Anyways, at least we could split the calls between myself and Bob, meaning half as many people to get frustrated at 😀

The other part I hate, and why I am blogging right now (and so may I say is Bob, an even more recent convert to this blogging malarkey than me!), is that I HATE packing 😦 (Huzzah for procrastination) I don’t know why but the thought just makes me want to run away, shut my eyes pray for the packing fairy to magically appear and do it all for me. I know if we just get going it will all be over before we know it but oh the pain of getting going :O

As well as just the eternal dullness of pulling things off shelves, wrapping them up in old newspaper and making sure that you don’t overload the boxes, there’s just something a little soul destroying about slowly packing up your whole lives into a series of giant cardboard boxes. Something about seeing it packaged up like that maybe………I’m not sure, and I know, once I get going, I’ll get into the rhythm and it will all be done before I know it and then we’ll be at the new house unpacking, which is my favourite bit of moving, and starting a whole new chapter of our lives which is so exciting!

Anyways, I’ve successfully managed to put off the packing for another night, so it’s off to bed for me 😀

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