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Almost 30, on a road to nowhere…….

1 Nov

It’s a story too many of us are familiar with. Reaching a certain age and realising that we are not content, happy, inspired by where we are in life. This could apply in your love-life, financial status, career etc. Now, it could be said that, in this day and age, we want too much from life: the perfect partner, the perfect children, the perfect house, the perfect career and that something has to give. But quite honestly, I am not prepared to believe that…..why can’t we have everything?

Next year I will turn 30. Not the fair old age it used to be, but still a milestone in life, and I have realised that, as wonderfully full of travel and love my life has been, my career is not even close to what I imagined I might be doing at this stage in my life. Various twists and turns have led me in a direction never intended, and now here I am about to get another year older having achieved none of the things, career-wise, that I thought I might when dreaming as a child.

I have realised that I must do something about this and start on a new path. To say that I find this daunting is an understatement, and also, to say that my true passions lie so far from what I am currently doing would be even more of an understatement.

So I am going to try blogging to see if it can help me sort out my many confused thoughts over this matter by getting them down in writing as so many have recommended. But also, I hope to meet others who are currently in the same boat, or have been and made the change.

I will get into more detail in posts to come, but for now I thought I would dip my toes in my new blog and see how it feels…………